What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are research studies that test something for its effect on human health outcomes.

People volunteer to take part in clinical trials to test medical interventions including drugs, cells and other biological products, surgical procedures, diagnostics, radiological procedures, medical devices, behavioural treatments and preventive care1.

Clinical trials are carefully designed, reviewed and completed, and need to be approved (by an ethics committee) before they can start. People of all ages can take part in clinical trials, including children1

Participation is voluntary, and you can withdraw at any time. 

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Who is ConViCTioN?

ConViCTioN is a group of NSW health consumers that were brought together in late 2021 for a project funded by the NSW Government's Office of Health and Medical Research. The aim of the project was to develop consumer co-designed resources to help increase awareness and participation in clinical trials in NSW.

Membership of the group is diverse in health and cultural backgrounds, age, location across NSW and in clinical trials experience. 

The team supporting ConViCTION includes members of Sydney Health Partners, Health Consumers NSW, Northern NSW LHD and AccessCR.

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This website showcases the resources developed by ConViCTioN which we encourage anyone to freely share and use.

ConViCTioN Resources

Consumer Voices on Finding Clinical Trials 

Webinar - 27 May 2022

ConViCTioN identified that finding trials is often challenging, and learning from others that have participated in clinical trials can be valuable. And so, on the 27th May 2022, ConViCTion hosted a webinar to try to demystify how to find trials and what it can be like taking part in one.

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In reviewing how clinical trial are promoted to the public, ConViCTion felt there was nothing that really spoke to the personal benefits of trial participation.  This poster has been created as a resource for any hospital, GP clinic or health clinic to print to encourage people to find out more about clinical trials.

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A Checklist

Need a list of questions to ask a research team about a clinical trial you are considering? 

The ConViCTioN team created a checklist of questions to help.

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ConViCTioN Checklist

Coming Soon

In August 2022, ConViCTioN drew a diverse group of people together to yarn about the benefits and challenges of clinical trials. A series of video resources will be made available from this session very soon.

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Sharing our Work

Alongside the different webinars and events ConViCTioN members have been presenting at, the ConViCTioN group were selected to present an e-Poster at the upcoming NHMRC Research Translation Long Weekend 17-22 Nov 2022.

The title of the poster is: "Embracing diversity in engaging the community in clinical trials with ConViCTioN", and outlines how ConViCTioN engaged with diverse communities for their perspectives on clinical trials.

The poster will be available through the conference, and displayed at related events in this time. We will update the website with the poster once that event begins.